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Move to Chile - Skiing and Beaches!

If you have thought about moving to Chile this website will help you. Opening a Chile bank account and getting a Chile immigration visa to reside and work in Chile is also important to know.
The Chile bank account web page will show you how foreigners can open a Chile bank account.
The Chile visa web page shows you the different Chile visas and shows you how to get a Chile work permit too.
The Chile cost of living web page will show you how much basic things cost in Chile. It is helpful with planning your budget before moving to Chile.
Move to Chile knowing what it costs to live in Chile, how to open a Chile bank account, and how to get a Chile immigration visa and a Chile work permit.

Entry Tax
Chile charges a Reciprocal Tax for several nationalities which can increase travel costs substantially.
The Chile unemployment Rate was 7.2% in the period of August to October in 2011.

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